Friday, October 1, 2010

ends you never reach

Entangled enmeshed there are few things that doesn’t always end….there might not be any need to end them and neither does their presence matter, but they are there and so vestigial.

Even if it does matter, the paranoia of calling it immaterial is worth sticking to. It’s like standing watching sleeping and waking up to find that you are still standing and watching, to find that the change of scene doesn’t matter ….the dialogues, the story, the future of the so called story every thing is so inconsequential leave apart the fact that you still are standing and watching the change of scene that no longer intrigues you.

what if all the shows are so much alike what if you don’t like any, what if you cant stand any of it and there are no exit doors….u sleep …… wake up again and to find that u still r standing and watching the so very inconsequential’s of life that doesn’t always end.